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Your child can start KUMON even before starting school.

KUMON has specially designed programmes that are also suitable for preschoolers starting from the age of two. We truly believe you are never too young to start learning and maximizing your potential.
Our English and math programmes help early learners come to grips with numbers as well as the speaking, reading, and writing of the English language in an engaging way through colorful, fun worksheets, CD textbooks with native speaker audio, and Instructor support.

Through this, children will develop invaluable skills and ways to develop their concentration, attention span, and effective learning practices that will help them once they reach school and beyond.
Children gain confidence in English and math, gradually progressing skills through small steps in our worksheets, developing ease and fluency with each topic before moving on.

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The assessment involves the child sitting a short test, designed to ascertain their current ability and establish topics that require further development

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With the KUMON method, the child learns how to centralize and focus his or her attention, thus developing a greater facility to resolve issues quickly and accurately.

Self learning
KUMON develops in the child the ability to think and solve problems autonomously.

Logical thinking
Accurate thinking is a skill that will accompany your child throughout his or her life and will give him or her numerous advantages in his or her studies and work.